Eiffage, which has made the environmental transition and innovation into two of the pillars of its strategic plan, has established, in partnership with Impulse Partners, a company specialising in construction innovation, Sekoya, a Carbon / Climate platform entirely dedicated to materials and processes with low carbon content.sekoya logo.PNG In a context where climate change is already a reality, Eiffage is committed to a low carbon strategy. The Group aims to set an example with its own emissions, but also, as a player in the construction industry, wants to support its customers with their own approaches to reducing their carbon footprints by developing alternative solutions in its bids. Sekoya will help create a low-carbon emissions industry club by facilitating the identification of new or existing solutions and promoting interactions among all stakeholders. Partners (start-ups, SMEs, major accounts, suppliers and committed financial institutions) and clients will be able to reference, promote and discuss low carbon emission solutions. Once audited, these solutions may be proposed within the framework of tenders. To speed up the implementation of low-carbon content solutions prior to tenders, in 2017 Eiffage established internal innovation financing mechanisms. Eiffage will also use a specific indicator to evaluate the amount of carbon emissions eliminated thanks to correct bids from the Group. The Sekoya is another step forward in this proactive strategy that seeks to implement large scale low carbon content solutions and to take advantage of all opportunities for innovation in this area for shared sustainable development.