The FRECOM Awards, given by the Murcia Regional Federation of Construction Companies are held annually. They give awards to entrepreneurs and companies that stand out due to their excellence, good work and dedication, as well as innovation and improvement of production processes. The four prizes that are awarded include the innovation prize, in collaboration with the Murcia Region Construction Technology Centre (CRCON). It is a public recognition aimed at motivating companies that are committing to Research, Development and Innovation (R&D+i) activities. This year, Los Serranos – Eiffage Infraestructuras SA won a prize in recognition of its R&D project entitled “Bioluninescent asphalt road surfaces – FECOLUM”. A project supported by the CDTI and European Funds ERDF. FECOLUM is a project targeted at the development of low-cost and highly sustainable asphalt pavements or road surfaces with high levels of light transmission or luminance for urban and interurban roads, capable of achieving public lighting energy savings possibly through the reuse of recycled glass or another material. One of today’s most important environmental priorities is energy saving or efficiency in all activities carried out by people. This project has attempted to contribute to this activity by designing asphalt road surfaces or pavements with high light transmission or luminance. Techniques and materials that give them luminescent characteristics have been used to achieve this. The mechanical characteristics of the developed asphalt pavements have been assessed. As an additional characteristic, the surface has been found to meet the luminance requirements of the Supplementary Technical regulations and instructions published in Royal Decree 1890/2008 [<a href=”″>+ info]. Taking these specifications into account, asphalt pavements have been designed that could achieve energy savings of up to 50% in public lighting on urban and interurban roads. The resulting asphalt mix is as follows: Mezcla Asfaltica FECOLUM-1.png Which on a larger scale would be like this: FECOLUM Mayor Escala.png