Eiffage has a new audio identity composed by Sixième Son, an agency that has created emblematic audio identities such as those of the SNCF, Renault, Coca-Cola and Samsung.

Eiffage’s audio identity has been created as part of a rigorous creative process.  A working committee, made up of employees from various Group entities, was involved in all design and execution phases.

We now have our own bespoke musical composition, which encompasses our whole approach and reflects our vision, identity, personality and values.

“Audio identity embodies the mood that drives us.”

The collectively inspired musical theme expresses the diverse strengths that make Eiffage what it is today.

“Our strong identity corresponds to the personality of the Eiffage Group and its strategy. The audio identity embodies the mood that drives us,” says Benoît de Ruffray, Chairman and CEO of the Eiffage Group.

Creation process

The process began several years ago with a review of the Group’s brand and visual architecture. Now it has reached its climax, with the launch of the new audio identity.

The composition represents a genuine asset for internal and external branding, giving our communication an additional emotional resonance that only music can achieve.

Eiffage’s goal was to focus on its human capital. Musical themes, as well as male, female and children’s voices, convey the idea of a people-centred approach, creating an innovative and future-oriented brand.

The melody and vocals together perfectly capture the positioning of Eiffage’s human perspective in musical terms.

The audio identity has been adapted to various formats for speeches, digital platforms, telephone communications or group events.

Eiffage, and therefore, Eiffage Energy, can now use its audio identity to personify its brand and help convey its messages.

Our audio identity is tailor-made to reflect our personality, values and positioning,” explains the Eiffage Group’s Communications Director Sophie Maire.

Listen to it here: