6 Wind Farms in Aragon


Project description Eiffage Energía is the company in charge of the construction of six wind farms, two electrical substations, two high-voltage lines and one medium-voltage line, developed by Repsol in Aragón, specifically in the provinces of Teruel and Zaragoza. The project as a whole has a total power of [...]

Construction of Ciudad Olimpo


Project description Construction of Ciudad Olimpo The Ciudad Olimpo residential complex in Albacete, which includes a total of 99 homes, storage rooms, garages, swimming pool, external gardens and commercial premises. The construction works for this first phase will begin before the end of the year [...]

Integral maintenance of the Fuenlabrada University Hospital


Project description Integral maintenance of the Fuenlabrada University Hospital and the “El Arroyo” Specialities Centre with a staff of over 20 professionals. The contract includes maintenance, management, surveillance, methodology, applicable regulations, technical resources and control of consumption by the different facilities. This ensures that the civil works, machinery, installations and [...]

Integral maintenance of IFEMA


Project description Eiffage Energía, which is responsible for the maintenance of IFEMA, has a multidisciplinary team that varies depending on the occupation of the halls and the volume of connections to be made. These teams consist of: electricians, plumbers and mechanics; the team can consist of as [...]

Refurbishment and expansion of the “Glories” Shopping Centre


Project description The Eiffage Energía subsidiary, Conscytec, was responsible for the construction, expansion and refurbishment of the Glòries shopping and leisure complex in Barcelona. Structural strengthening Expansion of the centre The Glòries Shopping Centre, for 15 years located in a rapidly developing urban area of Barcelona. To complete [...]

7 Solar Plants for X-Elio


Project description The contract for these solar farms was awarded in BOS format, i.e. the engineering, construction and procurement of all equipment except for the photovoltaic modules. The solar farms in question are: Torres de Cotillas Almansa Carril Parca Cadima Together, the farms produce a total of [...]

El Balsón Wind Farm


Project description 9 G-132 wind turbines 3,465 KW total 31.18 MW. Eiffage Energía (high voltage department and renewables department) was responsible for the following scope: - Underground medium voltage network of the Wind Farm. - Construction of the 30 kV switchgear centre. - Underground medium voltage evacuation [...]

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