Airbus Illescas


Project description Consists of connecting the north factory to the south factory through plot P1 in sector 7B of Illescas. Concrete walls were built around the perimeter of the plot, car parks P1 and P2 were constructed, a road was built to connect the factories and a [...]

Reorganisation and new buildings in the Trading and Industrial Circle of Seville


Project description The works included the demolition of some obsolete structures such as the heated swimming pool and boathouse, the gym and the access control building at the entrance. The reorganisation of the northern area of the plot, with the following fundamental aspects: New entrance building Multi-purpose [...]

Refurbishment of the surface and certain areas of the structure of the Lleida-Esparraguera section of the A2 motorway


Project description Refurbishment of the road surface of the section of the A2 motorway running from the Lleida provincial boundary to Esparreguera, on both carriageways, including hard shoulders, between km markers 530+722 and 580+000, province of Barcelona, necessary to improve the current state of the road surface. [...]

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