7 Solar Plants for X-Elio

Project description

The contract for these solar farms was awarded in BOS format, i.e. the engineering, construction and procurement of all equipment except for the photovoltaic modules. The solar farms in question are:

  • Torres de Cotillas
  • Almansa
  • Carril
  • Parca
  • Cadima

Together, the farms produce a total of 311 MWdc and take up a surface area of 474 hectares, equivalent to 474 football pitches. These farms will be maintained by Eiffage Energía over the next 20 years, as established under the contract with X-Elio. The technology used for this group of projects is a high-efficiency module known as mono PERC, with power of 380 and 385 Wp, 105 KVA multistring inverters and a tracker with single-axis tracking. These projects will avoid the atmospheric emission of 221,510 tonnes of CO2 per year. This energy will be transmitted to the general power grid for use in homes, factories, etc.

Customer: X- Elio Company: Eiffage Energía

Duration: Built in 2019 Location: Albacete, Murcia and Almeria

Project Details