Madrid metro global data processing centre

Project description

This DPC is intended to meet reliability requirements, in line with the mission critical nature of the systems that it hosts. In other words, with no maintenance shutdown windows or single points of failure, corresponding to the failure tolerance classification.

The fundamental objective of the design is service availability.

All necessary redundancies will be provided for this purpose, so that maintenance can be performed on the infrastructure without interrupting the IT equipment service. It will also be ensured that the failure of any infrastructure component or system does not affect the IT service. 

Energy efficiency has been sought as a secondary objective to decrease the facility’s overall electricity consumption.

Another objective is to guarantee the growth and new projects undertaken by Metro de Madrid over the next twenty years.

It should be emphasised that this centre will become Metro’s main DPC.

Budget: €14 million

Customer: Metro Madrid

Companies: Eiffage Energía & Eiffage Infraestructuras

Duration: 18 months

Location: Madrid (Spain)

Project Details