Monforte Wind Farms

Monforte Wind Farms

The project includes two wind farms, two substations and a high-voltage line. This is the Cluster Jiloca project, which has total installed power of 73 MW and which has involved some 300 professionals in its construction.

Monforte I Wind Farm

The Monforte wind farms are already in operation. The first farm has total installed power of 50 MW. In addition, it has 13 x 3.83 MW wind turbines, 14.9 km of access roads, internal roads and 13 platforms. Construction involved 12.5 km of trench, laying and connection of medium voltage network and fibre optics. 

Monforte II Wind Farm

In this case, total installed power is 23 MW. It also has 6 wind turbines of 3.83 MW, 3.1 km of access roads, internal roads, 6 platforms, foundations and a medium voltage network. 5.8 km of trench, laying and connection of medium voltage network and fibre optics were also executed.  Muniesa and Monforte Substations We at Eiffage Energía also carried out civil works, electromechanical assembly, testing and start-up of the Muniesa and Monforte substations as part of the Cluster Jiloca. They have a control and protection system, a communication system, an anti-intrusion and fire protection system. As well as the installation of auxiliary services with a 160kVA transformer.  Monforte-Segura High Voltage Line Lastly, it is worth highlighting the civil works, assembly and raising of towers and cable laying for a 220kV High Voltage line, 10km, a simple duplex circuit and 35 supports. Eiffage Energía has built 5.6 GW of renewable energy and is expected to easily exceed 6 GW by the end of the year.

Customer: Coronation Company: Eiffage Energía

Duration: 2019-2020 Location: Zaragoza, Teruel (Spain)

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