Refurbishment of the surface and certain areas of the structure of the Lleida-Esparraguera section of the A2 motorway

Project description

Refurbishment of the road surface of the section of the A2 motorway running from the Lleida provincial boundary to Esparreguera, on both carriageways, including hard shoulders, between km markers 530+722 and 580+000, province of Barcelona, necessary to improve the current state of the road surface. Three types of activities are involved: 6,852,480 m2*cm of Milling of bituminous mixtures, 173,097.88 tonnes of AC22 including coating, bitumen and filler for the base and intermediate layer, 1,143,950 m2 of bituminous mixtures type BBTM 11 B with a thickness of 3 cm and PMB 45/80-65 tar

Budget: €13.2

Customer: Sociedad Estatal de Infraestructuras del Transporte Terrestre (SEITT)

Company: Eiffage Infraestructuras

Duration: 18 months

Location: Province of Barcelona

Project Details