Cuevas de Velasco wind farm. Eiffage Energía has just begun work on the Cuevas de Velasco Wind Farm (also known as “El Monte”), developed by Haven Energy, an Azora Capitalcompany, consisting of the construction of the farm and its associated evacuation system. The generation farm is located between the municipal districts of Torrejoncillo del Rey and Huerta de la Obispalia, in Cuenca province. The approximate execution period is 15 months. The wind farm project includes a total of 19 wind turbines with a unit power of 5.5 MW and a total power of 100 MW. Eiffage Energía will be responsible for the execution of the accesses; internal roads; installation platforms; foundations; drainage; cable trenches; medium voltage network; communications; and grounding.

Cuevas de Velasco Wind Farm Evacuation System

Eiffage Energía will also build the evacuation system associated with the Cuevas de Velasco wind farm. This system consists of: – The “Villar del Águila” 220/30kV substation. This consists of a Line-Transformer position and an ONAN/ONAF 90/120 MW power transformer. – A 220kV overhead line. Originating at the “Villar del Águila” substation and ending at the “Villares del Saz” substation, owned by Red Eléctrica Española. The estimated length of this evacuation line is 13.640 km. – A 220kV Metering Centre, adjoining the “Villares del Saz” substation. It will have voltage and current transformers with similar characteristics to those installed at the Villar del Águila substation for use as a boundary point with Red Eléctrica Española.

Benchmarks in the Wind Energy sector

The figures, dated February 2021, show data that endorse our position in the sector: 90 wind farms constructed, producing almost 3.2 GW, with the construction of 2305 wind turbines in Spain, as well as in countries like Poland, Belgium, Portugal, Senegal, Mexico, Chile, Jamaica, Brazil and England.