Eiffage to build the new global data processing centre for Metro de Madrid

Metro de Madrid DPC. Metro de Madrid has awarded a contract to Eiffage Energía (70%), in a temporary joint venture with Eiffage Infraestructuras (30%), for works to build a new Global Data Processing Centre (DPC) at the metro company’s own facilities. The contract for the project was awarded for a total amount of around 14 million euros and an [...]

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Eiffage Infraestructuras will build and operate a bulk terminal at the Port of Alicante

The Alicante Port Authority has confirmed the start of construction work on a new specific terminal for handling bulk cargo, the contract for which was awarded to Eiffage Infraestructuras, after Alicante City Council's Urban Planning Department issued an urban planning compatibility certificate for executing the project on quay 17. The work involves strengthening the existing [...]

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Eiffage Infrastructure obtains a patent for a special paving machine

The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office has published a document granting a new patent to Eiffage Infraestructuras, entitled “Paving machine and procedure for executing a layer of wearing course”, with application no. P 201930891 and publication no. ES 2745348. The new patent consists of a Paver for the execution of a wearing course, used [...]

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Eiffage Infraestructuras wins a prize at the FAD Architecture and Interior Design Awards.

The FAD Architecture and Interior Design Awards are the longest running and best known in Spain and Portugal in these disciplines, now being held for the 61st time. They recognise the best projects in the categories of Architecture, Interior Design, City and Landscape, and Ephemeral Interventions, from among all the finalist projects. This year, the building [...]

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E.I. MOBILE EQUIPMENT manufactures 200,000 m3 of concrete for the GRAND PARÍS project

GRAND PARIS is a French project, conceived and promoted by the former President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy, which aims to completely transform the metropolitan area of Paris to turn it into a modern global metropolis of the 21st century. The EIFFAGE Group is playing a fundamental role in this extremely important project. As part [...]

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The R&D project “Bioluminescent Asphalt Road Surfaces – FECOLUM” won a prize at the 33rd FRECOM Awards

The FRECOM Awards, given by the Murcia Regional Federation of Construction Companies are held annually. They give awards to entrepreneurs and companies that stand out due to their excellence, good work and dedication, as well as innovation and improvement of production processes. The four prizes that are awarded include the innovation prize, in collaboration [...]

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Eiffage launches Sekoya, the first Carbon & Climate platform, entirely dedicated to materials and processes with low carbon content.

Eiffage, which has made the environmental transition and innovation into two of the pillars of its strategic plan, has established, in partnership with Impulse Partners, a company specialising in construction innovation, Sekoya, a Carbon / Climate platform entirely dedicated to materials and processes with low carbon content. In a context where climate change is [...]

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