The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office has published a document granting a new patent to Eiffage Infraestructuras, entitled “Paving machine and procedure for executing a layer of wearing course”, with application no. P 201930891 and publication no. ES 2745348. The new patent consists of a Paver for the execution of a wearing course, used on newly constructed road surfaces, consisting of driving tracks that move a main frame with a sliding mould over which a product is poured for the pavement base using a main auger, vibrators, a vibrating chamber auger, a main plate, a floating system with an oscillating beam and a secondary plate; this consists of a secondary chassis coupled to the main frame, consisting of a mineral aggregator hopper into which the upper road surface material is poured; and a roller to embed and compact the upper surface into the base surface; and a macro-embedding procedure for wearing courses to obtain a finished and textured wearing course, based on embedding and compacting the upper surface into the recently laid base surface. This invention refers to a procedure to improve adhesion between a vehicle’s tyre and the wearing surface of a road by increasing the positive macro-texture of the contact surface. To correctly carry out the different stage of this procedure, a new paving machine is required for hydraulic concrete wearing courses. The invention’s field of application is the industrial civil or private works sector. It is included in the different procedures and equipment for constructing wearing courses of bituminous mixtures or hydraulic concrete for streets, roads, highways, dual carriageways, motorways, ports, airports and similar infrastructures.