Our CEO and managing director of Eiffage in Spain, José Manuel Martínez, has been appointed chairman of the Association of Engineering, Assembly, Maintenance and Industrial Services Companies (ADEMI). A position he will hold for two years. On 9 September, ADEMI’s Board of Directors, chaired by José María Castillo, approved the appointments of José Manuel as the association’s new chairman, and Antonio Barrenechea (Tamoin) and Rafael Martín de Bustamante (Elecnor) as vice-chairmen. Appointments ratified by the association’s Ordinary General Assembly.

Sustainable development

“I am hugely grateful for this appointment, which allows me to fight for the interests of a sector to which Eiffage Energíabelongs”, says José Manuel Martínez. The CEO of Eiffage Energía and managing director of Eiffage in Spain explains that ADEMI’s task as a sectoral association is to facilitate the relationship and knowledge between companies; to share sectoral problems; to represent the sector in the country’s business and administrative forums; and to support companies in matters of occupational risk prevention, quality, environment and sustainable development. Key areas for Eiffage Energía. On the subject of sustainable development, Mr Martínez says that sustainability and transversal innovation are two basic pillars on which Eiffage Energía’s strategy is based. The key goal is to reduce carbon emissions. In this regard, it should be noted that, thanks to its activity, the company avoids the emission of more than 13 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. In addition, “this partnership has strengthened the prestige of the associated companies. Companies that stand apart in the market by offering the Administration, customers and employees strict compliance with legislation”, explains the new chairman of ADEMI.


ADEMI was founded in 1977. Its purpose is to represent and defend the sector’s interests. It currently comprises the sector’s most representative companies, including Eiffage Energía. The combined turnover of these companies exceeds 90% of the sector overall. The association is part of the Spanish business structure. It is a member of CEOE, CEPYME, CONFEMETAL, AECIM and the Spanish Association of Standardisation, UNE. It also actively participates in the different working groups of these entities. For example, in Industrial Relations; Environment; Industry; Energy; Corporate Social Responsibility; training, etc.

One of the organisation’s most valuable contributions has been to achieve an associative concept in a highly fragmented sector.

In addition, it offers maximum guarantees in terms of quality; respect for the environment; safety; technological level; and financial capacity. José Manuel Martínez’s predecessor as chairman of ADEMI was José María Castillo, CEO of Cobra. Mr Castillo has been at the head of the association for two very tough years, marked by the health crisis. A period in which sector companies have had to make great efforts to ensure that essential services continued to operate.

José Manuel Martínez

José Manuel Martínez holds a degree in Industrial Engineering, specialising in Electronics and Automation, from the University of Murcia; and a Master’s Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention. In February 2019, he was appointed CEO of Eiffage Energía. He has been the company’s general manager since 2005. Since June 2019, he has also been managing director of Eiffage in Spain. He has held several positions in private companies and in the Public Administration, being director general for Industry and Energy in the Department of Industry and Labour of the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha. He has also been an associate professor in the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Automatic Engineering at the Polytechnic School of Albacete.  Since September 2020, he has held one of ADEMI’s two vice-chairmanships. News in the media: El Periódico de la Energía Es Radio Energías Renovables