The TIM 23 campaign is already underway, allowing people who work at Eiffage Energía Sistemas to become shareholders of the company. This initiative is possible thanks to the capital increase that the Eiffage Group carries out each year, reserved solely for its employees.

Therefore, in 2023 Eiffage  has issued new shares only for people employed by the company, with preferential conditions.

This initiative has been running for more than three decades. In this way, Eiffage has developed a strong shared identity around the common values that have contributed to its success.

“Few companies are as clearly in favour of their employees as Eiffage, according to El Economista

The subscription period will open on 27 March and end on 17 April 2023.

TIM 23: Shareholding

Each year, Eiffage offers its employees a new volume of shares with a 20% discount on the share price and automatic reinvestment of dividends in the company’s investment fund (FCPE).

Eiffage assumes the direct management costs of the stock ownership fund. This year, the advance payment that employees can request for purchasing shares is 1200 euros, with a minimum of 60 euros.

This is a traditional shareholding formula, as part of the International Group Savings Plan. A collective savings system that allows each employee to accumulate, with the help of his or her company and on advantageous terms, savings invested in securities (shares, bonds, monetary investments, etc.).

Currently, more than 80% of the Eiffage workforce is a shareholder. Data that demonstrates the commitment of the staff to the company and of the company to its staff.