Eiffage Energía, the Eiffage Group’s Spanish subsidiary, is changing its trade name to Eiffage Energía Sistemas. This means that we are taking on the name of our parent company, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes, with the aim of standardising the nomenclature.

A new brand that places the company further up the value chain, reaffirming its ability to develop comprehensive and turnkey solutions.

“We are renewing our brand, but not our essence”

The new brand reflects the diversity of skills and specialist areas that make up Eiffage Energía: electrical installations; energy efficiency; and power generation.

It combines territorial anchorage, the power of a large Group and specialist areas with high added value.

We are renewing our brand, but not our essence. The new brand is more in line with our ambition to offer more and better.


Sistemas (Systems)

The word “Sistemas” is defined as a set of interrelated elements, functions or procedures, and by adding this term the new brand encompasses the group’s main lines of business.

Innovation Systems; Energy Efficiency; Electrical Installations; Integral Solutions; Control Systems; or Eco-Sustainability Systems.

A change that bolsters the positioning of the Eiffage Group’s energy systems business units internationally, with a more solid and consistent brand.

Driving strategies towards the energy transition and sustainability

According to José Manuel Martínez, CEO of both Eiffage Energía Sistemas and Eiffage in Spain, Eiffage Energía is positioned as a driving force for the company’s strategies aimed at the energy transition and sustainability.

“This division offers different ‘Integrated Solutions’ by incorporating different capabilities and expertise; solutions tailored to the needs of each customer, which represent a HUB of the group’s current and future activities; and acts as a mechanism to aid the energy transition from a systemic point of view, through a process of continuous improvement”.

Martínez highlights that “the activities being integrated into the systems that we develop are: Renewable Energies, Electrical Infrastructure, Installations, Construction, Maintenance and Electromedicine, in addition to Automation and Control as an intra-group area based on digitalisation.”

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