The Distribution and Installations departments of Eiffage Energía Sistemas have enlarged the Garbera Shopping Centre, in San Sebastian (Guipúzcoa), on behalf of Unibail Rodamco Westfield, adding more than 18,500 m2 of new space.

The works performed in the shopping centre enlargement include both outdoor and indoor works.

As for the outdoor works, the general infrastructures were developed for the laying and enlargement of the medium-voltage electricity grid, the drinking water service and the data networks that supply the centre itself. An outdoor car park with capacity for 1,500 vehicles has also been built.

Indoor facilities and services

Inside the shopping centre, all the necessary facilities and services have been developed, including the following:

  • Fire safety systems (sprinkler networks, fire detection, and smoke evacuation system with pulsed fan control); PA system; intercommunication in areas for shelter, etc.
  • Air-conditioning of all common areas; as well as a condensation ring for the subleased areas.
  • Network of chargers for electric vehicles. First, a low-intensity charging network for customers with high use of the building and, second, an external high-intensity system for fast charging needs.
  • Low-voltage electrical works for all the centre’s integrated systems; electrical wiring and connection for the underground car park; connection to air-conditioning equipment; installation of specific lighting, according to areas and depending on the sub-tenant client of the commercial space; supply and integration of alarm and fire safety systems; installation of communications for all the building’s services; and the incorporation of services into the system’s general network.

Centralised Technical Management System

All of this is controlled by a Centralised Technical Management System that has been programmed by our department specialising in Management and Automation Systems SGA Solutions.

A system that collects all environmental data; and efficiently manages the operation of each installation, making the building a smart building in energy self-monitoring.

Our philosophy in this project, which we have worked on jointly with URW, has always been to develop the most appropriate solutions for the Shopping Centre. To this end, we have always sought maximum energy efficiency, savings in consumption and respect for the environment.

It should be recalled that through our Eiffage subsidiary Conscytec, we were responsible for design and execution of the Shell&Core works (demolition, earthworks, foundations and containment, structure, roof, façade enclosure, sewage network and earthing network) for this shopping centre.

Environmental Protection

Garbera is concerned about protecting the environment. It has introduced an Environmental Management System in accordance with the ISO 14001:4004 international standard.

This shopping centre seeks to care for and respect the environment, significantly reducing its environmental impact and being sustainable. Principles that we at Eiffage Energy Systems share.

There is also an unwavering commitment to reduce water consumption by equipping it with auto-activated electronic taps.

The Centralised Management System controls all the installations, both the air conditioning production of the centre and the switch-on times and regulation of the lighting. All this, depending on the centre’s occupancy and the environmental conditions. 100% of the lighting throughout the shopping centre is based on LED technology, helping to save and reduce energy consumption.

Photovoltaic installation for self-consumption

The facility also has a photovoltaic installation for self-consumption that allows savings of 103,000 kWh of electricity consumption per year, which means approximately 51 tonnes of CO2 avoided per year (equivalent to 5,160 trees planted).

They also have separate waste collection points for premises and customers. Containers are available for plastic, cardboard, organic, refuse, polystyrene, bulky and glass.