A few weeks ago saw the opening of the  Yugo Bermejales Student Residence in Seville, built by our subsidiary Eiffage Conscytec, in a joint venture with DBD, for Urbania.

A project, with a built surface area of 9,495 square metres, in which Eiffage Energía Sistemas was responsible for the installations.

The student residence is located between Avenida de la Palmera and Heliópolis, one of the best residential areas of Seville, very close to the Reina Mercedes campus. It has 242 rooms, a basement, ground floor and three upper floors.

Sustainable project

The building achieves an energy rating of class A, surpassing the CTE requirements (class C) and representing energy savings of over 30% when compared to the reference building.

A concrete structure up to the ceiling of the first floor and a metal structure up to the roof.

Eiffage Conscytec remains committed to industrialisation. As part of this, the bathrooms were prefabricated in the workshop and arrived on site as completely finished modules, needing only to be put in place and connected to the networks. This has certain advantages in terms of reducing:

– Lead time of the project when compared to a traditional construction.

– Volume of waste generated during the finishing phase and higher level of cleanliness on site.

– Joint activities and therefore a very significant increase in site safety.