After more than 40 years operating in Spain, The Eiffage Group launches its new website, which brings together in a single space the three areas in which Eiffage operates in Spain: Energy, Infrastructures and Metal. As part of its ongoing effort to improve service and customer relations, Eiffage España has developed a new website adapted to all devices, offering quick and easy access to all its activities. With users now have a bilingual site in Spanish and English to search and learn about three of the most relevant companies on the Spanish scene: Eiffage Energía, Eiffage Infraestructuras and Eiffage Metal. 

Modern, intuitive and a very useful design

The new website has a clean and contemporary design and is organised make searches quick and easy for people who want to know more about the Group in Spain. A modern, intuitive and very useful design, with structured content, so that the user can quickly find what they need, highlighting key information to identify it at a glance. We have sought to maintain a clean and elegant content layout with room to breathe, avoiding unnecessary elements. A selection of good, large-size images and the combination of a Paloseco font and Sans Serif typeface, as well as mixture of corporate colours, are the most characteristic aesthetic features of the website. A simple style with reduced contents and movement or videos that provide greater overall dynamics. The website has been designed following the Eiffage Group style rules, creating a space in harmony with the rest of the group, yet maintaining its own essence.


A committed and conscious player

It is a priority to be recognised as a committed player aware of its social responsibility for the country’s development. This statement by the CEO of the Eiffage Group, Benoit de Ruffray serves as an introduction to the section dedicated to Eiffage in Spain, which is part of the “Get toknow us” section. This section shows the history of the group and its establishment in Spain. With a simple and advanced search, Internet users can now easily access the different website sections. The “Activity” section provides information on the different areas in which Eiffage operates, structured into three major subsidiaries: Eiffage Energía, Eiffage Infraestructuras and Eiffage Metal.  In addition, the browsing structure makes it easy to get to the content, easily and intuitively facilitating access to Group information, services and projects. “Projects” is another section of the new website that stands out, providing information about the main projects carried out by Eiffage in Spain, both in general and by subsidiaries.



Eiffage’s “Commitment and values are a maxim in all our development areas. Accordingly, the website has a section that includes: Values, Health & Safety, Sustainable Development and Certifications. Finally, the new website features a ”Communications Room” where you can learn about our latest communications: news, videos and publications. This enables you to access the communications released by the three Eiffage subsidiaries in Spain, to find out more about their public activities and major news generated by the companies.


One of the leading Construction and Concessions companies in Europe

According to Eiffage’s CEO in Spain, José Manuel Martínez, , the Eiffage Group is one of the leading Construction and Concession companies in Europe. The global figures place us in a privileged position: 5,000 jobs and close to 900 million euros of turnover require constant effort and commitment to our customers and society “. His aim as the Group’s executive officer in Spain is to lead synergies and strengthen the ability of the different areas of activity in Spain to work together to improve their positioning.

Communication, a keystone at Eiffage

This new digital tool is major step towards meeting this objective. Communication is key to publicising the Group’s daily activity in Spain and, consequently, to combine the synergies of its three component companies. In short, this website is a new communication and marketing tool for Eiffage, which zooms in on the Group’s day-to-day activities in Spain and combining the synergies of its three component companies.