The Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) has awarded Eiffage Energía the energy improvement of the National Centre for Biotechnology, in Madrid. The budget for this project amounts to about 900,000 euros. This is a project to improve the energy efficiency of all the buildings of the National Centre for Biotechnology of the CSIC.

In addition, it will allow the reduction of its energy consumption and CO2 emission levels. 

In this way, the building’s cold production will be brought up to date. To this end, three new water-condensed magnetic levitation chillers will be installed; new cooling towers; a new gas boiler; variable flow pumps; update of the centralised control system; and LED lighting in the corridors. The duration of this work is 12 months.

Extensive experience in Facilities

At Eiffage Energía we have extensive experience in the integral facilities sector. A team of highly qualified professionals and the confidence that comes with belonging to a large Group serve to guarantee our construction of all types of facilities and the uniqueness of buildings. For example, we work in hospitals and health centres; all kinds of public and administrative buildings; educational and university centres; theatres, museums and cinemas; sports, airport and prison facilities; hotel complexes and residences; as well as shopping centres and all kinds of industrial buildings. Our teams of multidisciplinary professionals are responsible for projects that cover all types of electrical, mechanical and special installations: The company is a leader, both in the performance of large projects or one-off projects, due to the group’s extensive technical and economic solvency, along with all type of smaller facilities and projects. Our extensive infrastructure and broad network of local offices allows us to carry them out at very competitive prices, offering our customers a very approachable and high-quality service.